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What Are Your Preferences Of Mobility?

When it comes down to the mobility aids that you are using it may not always be through choice because some people will need to use a specific type for their disability, fortunately though for others it can be a choice.

There are individuals who could use a wheelchair but prefer not to and will walk with the aid of a walking stick or crutches.

Ive seen local examples of two different young men, one an amputee who simply never has used a wheelchair and gets around on his crutches and the local transport and the other guy uses a manual wheelchair and looked like he resisted (for years) the use of a wheelchair until finally about a year ago he started using one.

The quality and choice of mobility aids, from mobility scooters to indoor aids from the smallest everyday objects to help you get dressed to stairlifts and hoists mean that in all areas of daily living there is assistance if you want and need it.

You might choose to use the minimum of mobility aids for certain reasons or you might prefer to make use of and to make the most of all that it suitable for you and available on the current market.

Is a cheaper mobility scooter enough for you or do you find yourself going for the top of the range models when making a new purchase?

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  1. Contax
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    When I wanted a scooter I tried a couple in a local showroom but very expensive with only one thing in mind, making a sale. I found the Pride Celebrity X (4mph) that I felt comfortable on size wise but yet compact, I then search on internet and eBay found same scooter much cheaper.
    I read all regulations to find I needed a Class3 8mph model as needed to drive on road in some parts of village so I decided on Pride Celebrity X Sport (Class3 4&8mph). I had a voucher upto £100 for Paypal on eBay, I ended up getting it from Rutland Mobility £995 delivered next day direct from Pride, Got a free second mirror and large heavy duty cover as a bonus with it, then with £100 from Paypal only cost me £895 a bargain.
    Local store said could order me one for £2200 but I would not get extras & £100 voucher. First time loading in car broke scooter key in lock, cheapest and only spare I could find in UK £16. I rang Rutland Mobility and he rang me back £3 each post free, I bought 6 for £18 as easy to break, arrived next day direct from Pride.
    I think I got a great scooter + bits from a good dealer at a great price, plus good after sales service. If ever I get a problem they will be my first place to go for repairs they seem good.

  2. Contax
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    Hi All, I am not venturing out in my car for Christmas supplies, got enough to keep me fed through to New Year, maybe not all Christmas fayre but good food. The roads in our village are very bad so I am not prepared to risk damaging my car or being stuck and not able to get out and dig my way out like I did when younger and in good health. I remember years ago as a youngster working for local Co-op as a relief used to go to each local Co-op shop in turn and deliver peoples orders to their homes (have even done it on a butchers bike), this is a service we could really do with today in these conditions even if they only delivered basic items to keep the old and ill people going as many can’t get out, I would like a mobility scooter that could go through the show and ice at a steady pace with larger narrow wheels, I wonder how a tricycle with mountain bike tyres would perform in the snow, would need to be battery powered, should not be difficult for these companies to build, could maybe go further on a charge and carry more shopping in front and rear baskets, never mind I can dream of things I may never see.
    I expect normal mobility scooter used in these conditions could suffer from electrical faults with all ice and salt if any has been spread causing corosion underneath scooter so could need a good clean underneath after each trip and maybe a spray with something like WD40 to repel water on electrics, not an easy task when old and not flexible like when young, nice if the young could be shown how to help these people for a small tip and maybe community awards each year, would look good on their CV’s when looking for a job.


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