Landlex Broadway S400x RS Experiencing Complete Power Loss


Hi. I wonder if you can help me. I have a Landlex Broadway S400x RS scooter (2008) with a weird problem. When moving off the power suddenly goes completely – no lights, no status LED, nothing. If I leave it for a while, the power returns until I try to move off again. The batteries are fully charged. I’ve fitted new motor brushes, checked all visible wiring and plugs, including dismantling the 2 battery boxes to check internal wires. The cut-out on the battery box stays on (i.e. doesn’t trip) and all ancillaries work OK until I move off. Is there a safety breaker somewhere that could be causing this? I’ve contacted the manufacturer in Taiwan, but they have not replied. Any ideas? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. (P.S. do you know where I may be able to get a wiring diagram?

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  1. Roy Stothard
    Roy Stothard at |

    To add to my question above, I have just done a few more checks on the scooter. I noticed that, after the power cuts out, if I remove and replace the battery packs, the power is restored up at least as far as the ignition switch. So I am wondering if there is a safety cut-out, maybe in the motor control box that is operating. Any thoughts, anyone? Thanks. Roy.

    1. sue mather
      sue mather at |

      I know it’s a long shot,but does anyone know who i can go to for my Landlex broadway rs scooter repairing. Started cutting out. HELP..

  2. Roy Stothard
    Roy Stothard at |

    Hi again. Just to let you know that I have solved my problem. It appears that the previous owner of the scooter had been running it for a while with worn motor brushes, which caused overheating of a connecting plug on the loom from the battery to the controller. The connector had partly melted and caused an intermittent open circuit, causing the scooter to lose all power. New brushes and replacement connector have, hopefully, solved the problem. Thanks all, Roy.

  3. Bill Cange
    Bill Cange at |

    Hi. I have just bought a 2nd hand Landlex Gazelle. This morning I set off to visit a friend and got 5 yards. The only thing showing on the dash is a green light on the bottom right, this is flashing 7 times and repeating.
    I presume this is a diagnostic light, but I havn’t got a handbook to check.
    I’ve looked online and emailed dealers, but i’m having no luck.
    Can anybody help?
    Thanks. Bill.

  4. Roy Stothard
    Roy Stothard at |

    Hi, Bill.
    The manual for my Landlex Broadway says that 7 flashes is a ‘Speed dial error’ and gives a further note:’The throttle control, Speed dial or associated wiring may be faulty’. I can only assume that its the same for the Gazelle. Hope this is of some help. I found with my model that there are lots of connectors throughout the wiring loom to make separation of components pretty easy, but they can be a source of problems if they get corroded or overheat. Hope you get it going soon.
    Cheers. Roy S.
    P.S. since repairing my scooter (see above) its been trouble-free and runs really well.

  5. Bill Cange
    Bill Cange at |

    Hi Roy. Thanks for the info.
    When I switched it on today to try it, the dash lit up, the lights on icon came on, then it died again. Apart from the flashing led.
    So it could be a similar problem, looks like a bit of pulling and pushing might be in order.
    I’ll let you know if anything happens.
    Thanks again. Bill.

  6. michael
    michael at |

    hi bill my dad got a landlex scooter model 420 and the driveshaft has snapped on searching for your problem did you notice any one who does second hand spare parts please all i keep getting told is landlex have gone bust

  7. Bill Cange
    Bill Cange at |

    Hi Michael. Have you tried ebay? There are spares for the Landlex Broadway, maybe the dealer knows of spares for other models.
    I didn’t know Landlex had gone bust though, but it might mean more spares coming on the market if we can’t get ours fixed.
    Roy. An engineer is picking mine up tomorrow, I hope it can be fixed without spares.When I emailed them, I was was told the 7 led sequence was either a brake fault or it was in freewheel. It wasn’t in freewheel.

  8. Bill Cange
    Bill Cange at |

    Least said about the repair man the better.
    Roy. It could be what you said. Something called a *throttle pot* may be the problem. As well as controlling speed and direction, most everything else goes through it.
    Fingers crossed. Thanks. Bill.

  9. Karren
    Karren at |

    Hi I recantly purchesed a second hand land lex s400x it was fine for the first few days then the power went down when it was fully charged then it went ok again now it has stopped altogether I don’t have a manual could do with some help thanks

    1. Stuart Sauntson
      Stuart Sauntson at |

      I have just fixed my mothers Landlex S400X scooter, it suffered total power loss intermittently. After a few hours of checking, I found the motor brushes were worn but not critically, so I resurfaced the Motor brushes and Using compressed air, blew out any debris (carbon dust) near the armature. Rebuilt the scooter and it is even better than when we purchased it for Her. If you need anymore help contact me on if your not too far away. I’m prepared to try and help more

  10. angie hill
    angie hill at |

    hello there ive recently brought a landlex broadway rs mobilty scooter does anyone know where i can buy new batteries for this landlex broadway rs as mine keep lettin me down i dont have a manual book either can anyone please help me thanks angie hill

    1. Stuart Sauntson
      Stuart Sauntson at |

      Hi Angie

      When you say, it keeps letting you down? In what way? Does it go dead? Does it just stop as above?

      Please get in touch and I’ll do all I can too help. Having stripped my mothers scooter, they are relatively simple too check and repair. I gained an enormous amount of knowledge recently.


  11. Gareth
    Gareth at |

    Hi all, my mother’s broadway rs is juddering whilst trying to drive, you’ve got to rock back and forth to go but still juddering, some random came around and said the motors gone. .any ideas folks??

  12. Justin
    Justin at |

    hello i have a Landlex Gazelle also.My problem is i charge it,it says fully charged/green light on charger. I take it out then within a few hundred meters the battery reader goes down to just 2 bars or below. I have tried a different charger.New batteries still does the same thing.Any idea what part i need or is there a easy fix to this?

  13. Peter
    Peter at |

    Hi, my dad has just brought a Landlex S400x and the horn is not working. I have been told to take the tiller cover off and the horn is behind there( but the tiller adjustment lever is in the way!) so it won’t come off. Any ideas please? Many thanks, peter

  14. Alan
    Alan at |

    Hi I have a landlex broadway rs s300 s400 and the transaxle has gone I’ve stripped it down and the cog inside has gone does anyone know where I can get another or a replacement transaxle thanks

    1. graham jones
      graham jones at |

      hi ya i have got landex broadway s400x mobility scooter i need to kowon how to remove the battery cove off it to put new battery in it

      1. John O'Dea
        John O'Dea at |

        1)Remove the seat by lifting the lever and then rotate the seat a bit whilst lifting it up at the same time.
        2)Push the black button at the bottom of the side plastic skirt IN whilst lifting battery box up.
        3)Once battery boxes [2] are removed, they come apart by removing the small screws [use correct screwdriver] underneath the box.
        4)Then the battery’s can be replaced.
        5)Just reverse the operation to fit all back.

        Hope this helps, John (Australia)

  15. Barbara
    Barbara at |

    Hello there, doe anyone know how long I should leave my landlex rs Broadway pink on charge for please x

  16. Robert Colton
    Robert Colton at |

    Hello ,
    I am wanting the fault code sheet for the Landlex Gazelle 420 and the Landlex
    Broadway 400 .
    Would you be able to supply me with these and give me a costing Please.
    Bob Colton.

  17. Aaaa
    Aaaa at |

    Hi just found this site, just wondering if anyone has a transaxle for the landlex broadway 400 rs


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