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Mobility Scooter Motor Overheating?

If you are having problems with your mobility scooter and suspect that the problem may be to do with the motor and that the motor is overheating then there are a few things that may cause this.

One can be that the brake is not releasing properly and this starts to put unnecessary strain on the motor because instead of it just working at moving the mobility scooter it’s now also trying to work against the resistance caused by the brake not being released properly.

This issue is not of you doing anything wrong but something that causes the brake to stick and because the brake is not disengaging the motor is put under more strain that it should be.

Another problem may be that the motor has gone bad and that nothing external of the motor is causing the overheating but just that the motor itself is well worn and needs a complete replacement.

If you are able to, do check that the issue is not down to the brake sticking, because if this is not at first ruled out as being the potential reason for the overheating, then you might pay to have a new motor fitted or even fit it yourself, only to find the same problem shortly afterwards and the new motor overheating just like the previous one.

Another way to find out if the issue could be with the brake is to see if the brake is getting voltage properly, if not then the problem may be within the controller circuit board and that needs to be looked at and possibly replaced.

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  1. steven
    steven at |

    my forever active enterprize bleeps 5 times after 20 mins. the manual says motor overheating but its not even warm.. please help.. i think the buggy is quite old ,but is in very good condition.. i have just put 2 new batteries on it ..cant keep spending money on it but need to sort it ..any help much appretiated..

  2. David
    David at |

    Perhaps it is your motor controller that is overheating. How long after stopping can you resume travel?

    Mine takes about half an hour


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