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Pro Rider Road King Stops After A Few Minutes


Hi, I have a Pro Rider Road King.

The problem I am having is after about 10 minutes my scooter stops and will not move forward or back after about 5 to 10 mins it goes again. I think it’s the Controller but not 100% sure any ideas anyone?  And where would I get a controller at a reasonable price.?

Thanx Bill Reid

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  1. julie
    julie at |

    Hi Bill how old is it is it still under warranty
    have you tried contacting pro rider
    they can be contacted on this number
    0116 2719998
    hope this helps

  2. Bill Reid
    Bill Reid at |

    Hi Julie It was just 1 year old in March & I started having problems in April Tried contacting pro rider they wanted £200. for the part that they thought was the problem with my scooter, they wanted me to get it serviced for about £80.00 to them and I still had to pay some guy in Glasgow parts No I not for that, it could cost £500 plus I think an auto electrician might be able to help. I was told it could be speed & voltage controller.
    Thanx Bill

  3. mila
    mila at |

    hi Julie,

    did you resolve your problem with pro rider road king? I was just about to purchase it for my mother and now not so sure.


  4. Bill Reid
    Bill Reid at |

    Hi No I have been told its the automatic brake system or something its still lying in my shed lost interest now, if you do buy one take out the warranty to be on the safe side.
    I’ve had no luck with my scooter but it might just be my luck

  5. Service Team
    Service Team at |

    Dear Bill,

    Sorry about the problem that you have, this just sounds like your batteries are failing and not a fault with the scooter itself. In over 4 years selling the Road King we have never had a single failure with the control boxes – Thats thousands of Road Kings alone, let alone the other models we sell as well. What is the battery gauge showing when the scooter cuts out? Our Full On Site service is very reasonable at £80 compared with some.

    Pro Rider Service Team
    01604 643512.

  6. james mckenzie
    james mckenzie at |

    bought road king last july but haveing problems no reverce and scooter is surgeing going forward any suggestions

  7. Hayen
    Hayen at |

    Hi James,

    Sorry, I believe we have already booked for one of Engineers to come and see you now as you are still under warranty so we will get this sorted for you.

    TO ALL, We have our own Fully Trained Engineers and Dedicate Service Team to help you with any problems with any Pro Rider product. Under warranty or not we will go out of our way to help – where possible 🙂 just email or call us.

    Best Regards,

    Hayden watson
    Service Manager

    Pro Rider Mobility – 01509 815362.

  8. roland slater
    roland slater at |

    hi, i have a celebrity pro rider, it has been brilliant until now, i did 4 and a half miles on it two days ago, then got back and put it on charge. i took it out following day, got down the drive and stopped, turned it back on then got continuous beep on pressing throttle lever and scooter would not engage drive, checked battery leads, all tight. can move lever into neutral and it will roll. the beeping starts as soon as i press the throttle bar. any ideas. regards Rolie Slater

    1. Craig Wilson
      Craig Wilson at |

      Hi Roland. Did you sort your problem out with this scooter Bleeping when you press the throttle, my mums is a Pro rider Road king and is doing exactly the same, i’ve checked all leads and cables and the battery levels are showing fully charged, she can go to the supermarket, come out, go to drive away and it wont go with just a bleep every 2 seconds. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  9. tom mullen
    tom mullen at |

    I had similar problem was my fault at about 1yr 2 months the motor brushes where worn to low should changed them at the 1 yr point this caused excess carbon build up the motor then over heats. if the scooters still running try a brush change might solve your problem.
    tom mullen

  10. Robert Mace
    Robert Mace at |

    hi I had the same problem and it was the overload switch over heating and cutting out. I joined the 2 wires together off the overload switch to try it and it was ok so I replaced the switch been ok since, I don`t recommend you leave the wires joined but this is a cheap way to try and see if that is the problem. Good Luck

    1. David
      David at |

      Dear Robert,

      My father’s scooter (same model as yours) has the same problem. Could you tell us where the overload switch is and describe it please? Many thanks.


  11. richard
    richard at |

    hi i have a pro rider road king and the battery indicator level is on one and flashing as i go out on it can anyone help many thanks richard boiles

  12. darren
    darren at |

    hi there can the road king controller be reprogrammed

  13. Lee crame
    Lee crame at |

    My experience with that was a stuck brush in the motor replace brushes and it’s fixed for mines anyways.

  14. Phil
    Phil at |

    Hi, the battery of my pro rider road king keeps quickly running down – I’ve put in new batteries & its better but not right. Can’t go out far as scared I might get stuck. Any ideas?

  15. Phil S
    Phil S at |

    Hi, I have a problem with my pro rider road king. It’s now stopping and starting intermittently, sometimes when it stops, if I rock it, it will go again. The braking seems to be quite notchy of late, sometimes when I stop on a slope it will roll back or forward a few inches before it comes to rest but I can cope with that. I’ve had it since 2011 and never had a problem, it been excellent but I’m a bit wary about going too far on it at the minute because of this stopping and starting problem. Has anyone else had this happen and could you give me any advise….thanks.

  16. Mummy
    Mummy at |

    I have a probridervtoad king I’ve had it for 6 years now no problems. But just this week it started juddering Got it back home and turned it off and on again. Getting a constant beeping now. Had the brushes changed today as they were worn out. Got it going, turned it off, put the cowling and seat back on….beeping again and won’t move. So frustrated. Can’t afford thousands for another.

  17. Kostas
    Kostas at |

    Hi Mummy, I have the same problem, any news from your side?

  18. william smith
    william smith at |

    hi i have a pro rider road king class 3 the problem i am having problem with it start and it stop,it was bought on the 16th feb 2018 .i was told its need new cotroller so i contacted the company they said it would cost ovr 2oo pound which i think it shocking considering the age of it


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