How Mobility Needs Change Through The Day

When many people think of mobility aid use they might think of a person needing either one or the other but not both, for example crutches or a walking stick.

If you’re talking to a person without disabilities they might automatically think that you need only a walking frame, or only a wheelchair or mobility scooter as without knowing enough about the disability that you have it can be difficult for them to imagine what you experience as you progress through each day.

Apart from experiencing pain there can be issues with balance, numbness and a whole range of difficulties that can change hours later which of course then leads to you having to swap what you may have been using earlier in the day for something else to help you get by until its time for bed which for some people brings even more problems.

Unlike an individual who doesn’t need to use any mobility aids at all, you literally have to adapt to how your body is reacting as the day goes on, that itself can be exhausting as you deal with it all, or the change might be spread out throughout the week but all the same it can make for a challenging time for sure.

What people can see is the fact that you need to use a mobility aid, but what they don’t see is how you might have to constantly adapt and be ready to switch to a different aid depending on how you are feeling and what your plans are for the day.

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