No Need For Registration Plates On Mobility Scooters

As some mobility scooters can be used on public roads, the class 3 type, there can be some confusion as to whether you need to display a registration (number) plate on your mobility scooter, to confirm and hopefully clear up any confusion regarding this, it is not necessary to have a registration plate displayed on a class 3 mobility scooter.

Although they are registered with the DVLA and display a ‘nil duty’ tax disc they are not classed as a motor vehicle.

They should still be operated in a safe manner taking into account other road users for your own safety and the safety of others, but fortunately, as a class 3 mobility scooter user you are exempt from certain rules in place for other vehicles using the road.

Take note that the exemption is with regards to the tax disc cost and no registration plate needed, other road rules and laws apply and should be adhered to when taking a class 3 mobility scooter onto the road.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    When I registered my Class 3 scooter with DVLA I received the log book, tax disc and a note saying no number plate required, if selling on completing the section of log book must be done same as when selling any motor vehicle.
    With all the bad publicity about mobility scooters and their riders I would have thought a smaller sized number plate should be fitted at rear, at least it could help identify a scooter which fails to stop at any accident. I wish the insurance companies would sell a cheap Third Party only policy as the policy available is a bit like a fully comp + recovery, it can be a bit expensive with many get out clauses, maybe they could make it an add on to home insurance policy similar to what they do for cycles. it could be posible for DVLA to issue cover with tax disc for a fee, this could mean all scooters even pavement models should have to be registered.

    1. Selwyn West
      Selwyn West at |


      I have my mobility insured combined with the house contents through Saga Insurance.


  2. Dawn
    Dawn at |

    Hi, I wondered if u could point me in the right direction pls, I have just purchased a Midi Xforu from off the internet, it is in excellent condition having only had one previous owner, however i did not receive a log book with this scooter, I did get back in toych with the guy i bought it from and his mother, they said they had not been aware it had a log book, a it was hi fathers and they had thrown alot of his stuff out, they think this log book must of been amongst it, so I now need to get a log book vis DVLA, then I can get a tax disk for it as it goes up to 10mph, can u tell me what documentation i need to take to my post office to get this tax disk pls, i really would appreciate any advice/pointers u can give me, i am a first time user u see and not so well up on these things…thankyou…:)

    1. India Moon
      India Moon at |

      You can get a log book from DVLA.

  3. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi Dawn, Is there a Tax Disc on the scooter? if not the chances are it has never been registered, if it can do 10mph it is illegal in the UK except on private land, maximum speed for a Class3 scooter in UK is 8mph, some companies did offer tweaked versions that could do 10mph for off road use. I would get a form from DVLA and try to register it, I doubt there should be any problem, just put a covering note with your application expaining original owner died and persons disposing of his estate have not come across a log book for it and enclose a copy of your receipt of purchase to prove ownership. Hope all goes fine.

  4. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi Dawn, This is link to supplier site, the model you quoted only does 5mph, there is another that does 8mph. As it does over 4mph it is I believe classed as a Class3 which should be registered, I expect most people would just say they was told it was a 4mph model for use on pavement only and not bother with registration it’s a decision only you can make.

  5. Mel Edwardes
    Mel Edwardes at |

    I have just come across tis site and found it interesting. FYI I have 4 scooters, all Class 3. I tried to register them all but had troble with one. I contacted the DVLA who said they had sent the logbook etc. but I had not received them. I was told it would cost £25 for replacement details. I told them I was not prepared to pay this and would, therefore, not register that scooter. It did not seem to bother them and I heard no more! If you want to register, just contact the DVLA and state you have no details, they will send a form specifically to register a scooter for the first time – you will get a “Q” type tax disc and log book eventually. However, I would not cocern yourself too much just enjoy your new found freedom. Also it might be a 10 km (6mph) scooter which is also a class 3.

  6. Richard
    Richard at |

    Hello All
    I have a question about mobility scooters, I have a nil rate tax disc on my car. Will applying for a nil rate tax disc for a class 3 mobility scooter effect this?

    I have higher rate DLA

    I have searched for days looking for an anwser

  7. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi Richard, it should not make any difference as you do not have to be on DLA or any other benefit to get the Nil Rate Tax Disc, I just registered the scooter with DVLA and received the tax disc with a note saying no number plates required then a log book same as for car arrived. They just send me a new tax disc free every December. I think it just a procedure as it is a vehicle allowed to be driven on the road. Years ago if you crossed the road with a petrol driven lawn mower it had to display a tax disc and operator needed a driving license, sounds stupid.

    1. Kathy Baxter
      Kathy Baxter at |

      I need help! I have recently purchased a used on road mobility scooter.
      I have tried to register it but cannot get any response from any contact with the DVLA (due to covid 19). I got the V355/5 form and do NOT understand it at all, same goes with on-line forms.
      I know I do not need a number plate but still need to register to get the tax disc So far I haven’t used my scooter for fear of getting told off.
      Is there any helpI can get from the post office??
      Is there any support on disability sites??
      My head is spinning with so many forms etc
      Really hope you can help me Thanks Kathy

      1. Ady
        Ady at |

        I would take the forms to a local Mobility scooter dealer and ask them to help with the forms. I did and they were more than happy to help fill it in.

  8. Stephen
    Stephen at |

    I have recently purchased a used mobility scooter,it has a number plate on it so I believe it has been used on the road.when I purchased this scooter I didn’t receive any log book,so how do I go about getting a replacement log book and where do I get it from.thank you.

  9. john
    john at |


    Firstly, i am not a user but a concerned parent. I do not wish to cause any upset to anyone on this website or its users.

    I need some advice about a mobility scooter user. I have no idea about laws regarding them.

    The past 6 months or so. This user always parks scooter in middle of pavement causing some people to walk round onto the road. I have had to walk my two young children onto tbe road many occasions. So have many other parents and other people using the pavement. This happens most of the time during school hours. I cannot say that this user has not made any attempt to park closer to one side to allow more space for people to pass by. I had a quiet word with this user explaing my concerns. Only to be told she can stop and park anywhere they like.

    Also saw mothers go onto the road with buggy when the scooter is travelling towards them. Am not kidding

    This mobility scooter not small. Takes up more than half the width of pavement.

    Am sure this person needs it for some reason but all i ask is be considerate for other people that use the pavement.

    I would be grateful for any advice you can offer

    Thank you

    1. Mrs Andrena Stewart
      Mrs Andrena Stewart at |

      Unfortunately that is a scooter used by a very inconsiderate person. I do use a scooter, I am 47 and a nurse until becoming disabled 6 years ago. If you explain to him the inconvenience he is causing and he still keeps it up, i personally would call the police. A disability is no excuse for ignorance nor antagonising, putting others at risk. I too am a parent.

  10. Richard Newton
    Richard Newton at |

    Hello John January 29th 2017
    With regards to your silly parking problem. The owner of the scooter needs reporting to the police. I use a scooter regularly and would suspect that the person concerned has no idea of the problems they are causing. I gather from your correspondence that the owner has expressed no interest other than to give you verbal abuse. Call the police and let them deal with it. If they refuse, and I doubt that they will, you insist. This person has no right to block the pavement in such a way. They are giving mobility scooter users a bad name.

  11. DAVE
    DAVE at |

    John – as a scooter user all day I have to deal with paths being blocked! Makes me angry as hell. No doubt this scooter user has the same problems so they must realise what it’s like to be blocked up! They are very selfish please report them for obstructing the path! I would not dare make kids have to walk into the road! Path is for PEDESTRIANS FIRST!


  12. Denise Shephard
    Denise Shephard at |

    Hi I own a strider st6 which I brought second hand now it has a tax disk which expired 2 years ago now and I do go on the road if necessary the scooter goes 12 mph and I’m finding it difficult to retax it again which needs to be done does anybody kno if I can get a tax disk from the post office if I went in and asked also I’m looking into getting a license plate just to be safe and let others kno that this scooter is allowed thank you for whoever replies

  13. Erica
    Erica at |

    Put the details in the DVLA online registration they should have details of the scooter if it has previously been taxed. They will redo it online just as you would a car. Otherwise photocopy anything you have explaining that you need to retain it and the DVLA will send you new documentation for the scooter. I had to register my scooter to update the documents. Good luck

  14. Nigel
    Nigel at |

    hi I have an eight mph TGA Vita scooter with two settings, slow and fast, my wife has a shoprider which goes top speed four mph, my slow speed on my TGA is less than four MPH so when I’m out with the wife I have to have it on fast speed although only partially using it, what I want is to increase the slow speed to four MPH to keep up with the wife, can this be done and how? please

  15. JEG
    JEG at |

    My problem is that the pavements here are too narrow. They are just wide enough to take the scooter but lamppost and over hanging branches plus cars parking partly on the pavement makes life difficult. It is not possible to come off a high kerb to get round an obstacle as the scooter tips over. Fortunately I have a class 3 so can use the road. The road is also narrow and car drivers can get frustrated with a slow moving vehicle. I try to pull in to let them pass but this is not always possible. The surface on the roads and pavement is poor making a very uncomfortable ride. Please remember disabled people have a difficult life anyway.

  16. Stephen Kitchener Hughes
    Stephen Kitchener Hughes at |

    I registered my scooter with the DVLA & they sent my documents. I rang my home insurance to add my new scooter for cover. They confirmed it not only covered me for theft or damage at home but whilst I am out for accidents on both the pavement & the road.

  17. Gillian rumley
    Gillian rumley at |

    Hi I’m confused! My dad has just brought a new 8mph scooter, the dealer registered it for him.
    He got a letter saying he had to get number plates for it, so I rang dvla and the man told me it was true, now looking online it’s saying he doesn’t have to!!
    Can someone please verify if you have to have them or not legally please.

    1. max
      max at |

      I can understand your confusion I think the DVLA purely told you as it’s what they have to say with all other vehicles other than mobility scooters but you don’t have to if you don’t want to but if you drive on the road it may well be useful for to prove that you’re legally allowed on the highway

      1. Mrs S Johnson
        Mrs S Johnson at |

        I am registered with the DVLA for my class 3 mobility scooter. I would like to have a number plate on my scooter to make drivers aware that I can legally be on the road – where do I order one from?
        Thank you

  18. Philip M
    Philip M at |

    If your vehicle is a class3 mobility scooter there is no requirement to display the new number plate but you may if you wish it’s up to the owner I recieved my class three registration today and states exactly what I have written above but you do get from dvla a nil tax disk and v5c so it’s personal choice, hope this clarifies!

  19. Mo Hedges
    Mo Hedges at |

    It’s all very confusing. Having received a V5C Registration Certificate for my new scooter, no disability tax disc, I have just been informed (21st April 2023 at !6.00hrs) by Sam at DVLA, they do not issue them.

    1. Oliver Gee
      Oliver Gee at |

      Hi Mo,

      Physical Tax disks are no longer issued, it’s all gone digital now. I am sure you have noticed the only ones remaining on display have long since expired! No idea why some car owners don’t bother removing them? So, there is no need to worry.

      I hope you are enjoying your independent mobility on your scooter.

  20. David Moore
    David Moore at |

    A road traffic police officer has warned me not to drive my 8mph mobility scooter on any road without showing a registration plate I think he out of touch with the law should I carry on driving my scooter

  21. Sarah
    Sarah at |

    HI, I want to register a used 8mph mobility scooter, I sent off the v62 form but they returned it saying it needs the vehicle registration number? I wasn’t aware it had one, I did fill in the serial number further down on the form, I thought that was all they needed for a mobility scooter?
    Thanks for any help.


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