Ever Been Refused Entry On Your Mobility Scooter Or Wheelchair?

Occasionally there can be situations where a building will be accessible for mobility scooters and wheelchairs and disabled toilets will be in place and for a time they will allow you to take your mobility scooter or wheelchair inside but then for various reasons they no longer allow you to take them inside and insist that they are left outside of the building.

Although there can be good reason to change the rules of what is allowed to be taken inside a building, sometimes the reasons might be vague or confusing if you see some people still allowed to take their mobility scooter or wheelchair inside or taken to certain parts inside a building.

Its understandable that you might be confused or even frustrated as to why you can no longer take yours inside and some places might do very little to actually explain why the rules have changed.

There is even the possibility of there being no good reason at all for them to have suddenly stopped allowing them in and to be used inside.

Any place that has previously allowed full access to mobility scooters and wheelchairs should be fully explaining to those affected by any change, either verbally, in writing or preferably both, this also helps to prevent any confusion over who and what is allowed access to a building and if there are any exceptions to this then it should be made as clear as possible to avoid any upset to anyone.

It is perfectly ok for rules to be changed regarding access but those setting any new rules should definately do everything that they can to make it as clear as possible why it is happening, who it will affect and even whether it is a temporary change or intended to be permanent.

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  1. Natasha
    Natasha at |

    Is this even legal to refuse a mobility scooter into a public place under the Equality Act 2010?


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