Heavy Doors And Accessibility

Although many entrances to businesses on the high streets throughout the country have good access, with ramps, permanently open (during business hours) doors, sometimes quite wide too, and automatic doors at others, there are still some places that have rather heavy doors that even a standing person with no mobility needs can sometimes struggle with.

Heavy doors can even be a challenge for mothers with pushchairs and baby buggies.

Some banks have heavy doors that can be difficult to push open on your own, especially if the entrance and exit are made up of two narrow doors which can be awkward if you’re trying to gain access in a wheelchair, mobility scooter or are using crutches or a walking stick.

When actually inside and ready to exit it can often be a bit easier if observant staff spot that you might appreciate some assistance while leaving, but often this is still after you have struggled in the first place to gain access to a bank and other businesses that may have these heavy and difficult to push open doors.

Although many businesses have improved accessibility, there is still room for improvement, especially as mobility scooters are a much more common sight on the streets.

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