Mobility Scooter Hoists Making Life Easier

For those times when you need to take a mobility scooter in a vehicle, maybe for a day out somewhere or travelling long distances to see relatives or friends, you need a safe way of having your mobility scooter lifted into and back out of the vehicle that will be transporting it.

Even a lightweight mobility scooter can be difficult to manage in and out of vehicles for many people, let alone trying to lift one of the more heavy duty ones, and it could cause an injury for the person or people lifting the mobility scooter if doing it by hand.

This is where hoists come in very handy, they dont take up much room in your vehicle and they are built specifically for use with vehicles and to lift mobility scooters and wheelchairs in and out for you.

They take the brunt of the work for you making it safe and ensuring that you can always load and remove your mobility scooter.

Hoists are fitted to the back of the vehicle on the inside, and many can be folded down or out of the way so that they dont take up excess space in the boot area.

Hoists wont be suitable for all cars or sizes of cars as well as some other various sized vehicles as the ability to have a hoist fitted and carry a mobility scooter too within the vehicle is dependant on vehichle size, shape and capacity to be able to fit them in.

For larger and heavier mobility scooters there are hoists that actually have a platform, this allows the mobility scooter and the platform that it is situated on to both be loaded into the vehicle and safely positioned so that when the time comes to unload, its a simple process of operating the hoist to unload the mobility scooter while still on the platform, all securely and safely for you with the only effort being the operating of the hoist and removing the scooter from the platform.

Its essential that the hoist that you purchase is suitable for the size and weight of the mobility scooter that you intend to use it for, so that you dont put excess strain on a hoist possibly not built to take certain amounts of weight.

But theres no worry of not being able to find one strong enough to handle the loading and unloading of your scooter as even the heaviest category of mobility scooters can be handled by the right hoist.

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  1. derek dawtrey
    derek dawtrey at |

    i want a hoist to put a mobility scooter in a vauxhall mavera

  2. mary chesney
    mary chesney at |

    I need a hoist for my small mobility scooter to lift into a Toyota Yaris Verso. I have been tols I must not lift it in and out any more since having a hip redone. I can easily manouver it once it is lifted so want something simple. I cannot find out costs or where the nearest place to Devon to get help. I also hve a bigger scooter but this is OK on ramps so unless there is little difference in cost I would only use the hoist for the lightweight scooter. Thanks for your help.

  3. A10 adaptations
    A10 adaptations at |

    The hoists get more expensive the more weight they have to lift, and if you want them to go in and out electrically as well as up and down, one way to find someone that installs them, is to go on the Motability web site, and find the list of accredited installers, all of them should do scooter hoists and alike. I’m based in north london, provide a mobile service and cover a forty mile radius, not quite Devon… Sorry!


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