Zimmer Frames And Stairs

Occasionally I see that people are looking for information regarding zimmer frames and stairs.

I wonder if those people are questioning if they can safely use a zimmer frame as support while climbing stairs but I think that this would be a bad idea and rather dangerous as although frames provide good support around the home and outdoors when it comes to a flight of stairs they are not ideal.

Where they can be used safely is when there are steps outside that have quite a large area to them before the next step, sometimes where there are only a few steps to go up, and where they are not steep and allow plenty of space to safely place your frame onto.

When it comes to stairs in the home then definitely don’t take chances with trying to use a zimmer frame to get yourself upstairs, it becomes too difficult regarding holding on to what you need to.

Always use the correct mobility aid for each task as each is specifically designed for its purpose and if chosen and used correctly will assist you and should never create more difficulties regarding your mobility.

Note:  Zimmer Frames are also known as Walking Frames, they are the same mobility aid and the name choice is dependent simply on what you prefer to call them.

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