Mobility In The Workplace

As standards in any workplace can vary greatly, there can be huge differences in how well a company or organisation accommodates employees with mobility needs.

Not only regarding accessibility for employees and the right facilities but also how each individual is treated at the place where they work.

When new commercial buildings are designed and constructed, there is often more thought put into accommodating people with disabilities, this may not always be the case as there might be some types of jobs and environments where it simply won’t be practical or expected that a person with a disability would be working in certain types of employment.

But if a company knows that they can and will employ people with a disability then they are usually going to be prepared for this, especially if the building is new.

Some companies will not take this into consideration though and where they could actually employ a disabled person they may put less time than they could do into making their workplace mobility friendly.

Beyond a workplace being suitable for a person with mobility needs to get around, there also needs to be understanding within a company by the employers and the other employees, no matter how large or small the company.

For an individual with mobility needs to feel comfortable and unobstructed at the place where they work, it has to go beyond easy access to the building and a method of moving between any floors that there may be.

If employers have a good understanding of how they can provide an environment suitable for all and employees understand how to accommodate each other, whether disabled or not, then it can make for a great workplace environment that can flow and be very efficient through some careful planning.

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