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Disabled Employees And Expectation From Employers

Within society it can sometimes be an expectation that a person with a disability will be less able to do a particular job and an employer that has possibly not looked at the situation from all angles might mistakenly have a lower expectation of the amount of work that the disabled individual can get through or the overall ability to even do the job.

This is what can sometimes lead to opportunities for disabled individuals being completely removed from a workplace when they are literally just at the idea phase, let alone actually becoming an employment opportunity for the disabled individual.

Where some of the mistakes can be made by an employer is when they may focus so much on the disability of a potential employee when trying to evaluate the situation that they don’t realise that they might be focusing on problems that are not that big at all and might not be looking at the strengths and skills that the person may be able to bring to their organisation.

This doesn’t mean that the employer is necessarily looking for reasons not to take on a person with mobility needs or looking at the situation negatively but sometimes a company actually becomes so worried about trying to get it right and to make the situation perfect in the sense of meeting the needs of the disabled individual that they possibly become panicked that if their environment does not accommodate the person exactly as they think it is supposed to, that somehow the company will be in trouble and accused of not having all suitable means in place.

This can sadly lead to an employer getting scared that taking on the disabled person will possibly be done without abiding to all rules and that this could lead to a lowered expectation by the employer of the employee too because they feel that they in some way might let the person down by not having this perfect situation or environment in place that they may believe needs to be in place in order for the disabled person to work as efficiently as possible.

In order for career opportunities not to be missed by disabled people and for employers to make sure that opportunities for disabled people continue to be offered and understood enough, an employer needs to go beyond this paranoid state that might exist within a company where they are scared of not getting everything exactly right.

And at the same time, when evaluating a disabled candidate for a new employment position within their company they need to make sure that they focus on what the person can bring to their company, the persons strengths and not to mistakenly have a lowered expectation of the persons ability to do the job.

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