Intention To Focus On The Smaller Categories

As we get closer towards the end of another year and have Christmas to look forward to next week I have been looking at the blog and how it has grown since 2008.

I have noticed that some of the categories have more content than others and over the coming months I would like to balance that out a bit by writing more content for each category that has less content than some of the others.

As you might have noticed, there is quite a lot in the Mobility Scooters category, but the Adjustable Beds, Child Mobility Aids, Lift Chairs, Motability, and Stair Lifts categories need a bit of time and attention so I hope that by publicly mentioning it here that i will make a commitment to filling those out, if you see me lagging behind then don’t hesitate to let me know.

The Motability category was the most recent to be added so it’s not surprising that it’s looking a little lean, but the others have been in place for a while and definitely need more content within them.

I hope that you continue to enjoy using the site and if you have any suggestions you can contact me.

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