Walking Frames

A walking frame, also known as a zimmer frame helps to provide support for a person who is still able to stand and walk but through disabilities or old age or a combination of both may need that extra bit of assistance, and in some cases a person who does have the choice of using a wheelchair may choose to use a walking frame to enable them to still move around in an upright position and to allow for some moderate exercise and helping to maintain muscle tone in the legs.

Some walking frames will have wheels and others will not, the frames are very lightweight allowing easy lifting and manoeuvring which is essential for the person using the frame.

In some cases a walking frame may be of use to someone recovering from an injury and regaining strength and movement in the legs and so can be quite useful as a temporary aid.

While walking frames are quite simple looking mobility aids they can make a significant difference to a person being able to move around and are very useful and a welcome support.

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