Children’s Mobility Trikes – Supporting And Plenty Of Fun

For a child, not all mobility aids have to be purely for support or just getting from point A to B, some can be fun too and allow the child to experience as much fun as able-bodied children.

A trike can be ideal for children who are able to use their legs but at the same time need the added stability of 3 wheels, also mobility trikes come with trunk and pelvic supports if the child needs them, so that they can ride safely and it lessens worry for parents who may fear their child not being supported enough.

The child can actually feel very secure and is still free to have lots of fun and enjoyment from riding their trike.

Most of the models of mobility trikes available can be folded down for easier transportation, so the use of the trike is not limited to only when the child is near home.

Prices start at around £450 but depending on the needs, some can cost slightly less while other models will cost considerably more.

Some trikes can cost over £1000, for example, the type that is suitable for children with Cerebral Palsy, they provide good seating, support around the body and a support for the child’s head too as well as a steering function handle for a parent or carer, this is fitted at the back of the trike.

This type also comes with weighted pedals and adjustments can easily be made to the seat and supports to suit the user and make the experience as comfortable for the child as possible.

An ideal combination of safety and fun.

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