Child Mobility Strollers

For children requiring additional support when standing and walking but who also need to build confidence and have the freedom to move at their own will, a mobility stroller can be ideal as the child is able to stand and rest safely in between moving around a room while in the stroller.

Many of the strollers available have the option of using the supplied harness or using it without the harness and the child can be supported purely by their grip on the stroller.

Child mobility strollers allow for an upright position and are lightweight so that the child can move around easily. The castors allow for the stroller to be moved in all directions and they can usually be locked too when needed.

The beauty of a stroller is that it can provide as much or as little support for the child as is necessary, it puts the child in control of where they want to go.

Along the top part of the stroller frame, it will usually be padded too so that the child will be comfortable enough while resting their arms and while holding on.

There are different sizes available that will be suitable for toddlers to children around 8 – 9 years old.

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  1. Hussnain Shakir
    Hussnain Shakir at |

    please give detailed information about the displayed stroller including its specifications, price, optional aids… n method of payment!

    1. Aaron
      Aaron at |

      Thanks for your interest. The page has been updated to include links to two current chairs.


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