Child Mobility Scooter Board – Simply Fun

tumble_board_2For a child, it’s great if more of their mobility aids can be about fun, while still providing assistance to the child.

A padded scooter board can provide plenty of fun and enjoyment while at the same time helping them to develop their balancing skills as well as strength.

They come in various shapes and sizes, the example in the image shows a circular shaped board with padding and two easy to grip handles and the child can choose the direction they want to go while using it.

Also with the board only being a few inches from the ground, it makes it a lot safer for them, if they do lose their balance there is much less danger of them hurting themselves.

It should be noted that the boards are only for seated use or lying on their tummy but should not be used while the child is standing, some children may choose to be in a kneeling position and sitting on their legs which is fine too.

The wheels are not locked in any position and are usually of the castor type so that the board can move in any direction under the control of the child.

The boards vary in price depending on the size and shape.

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