Paediatric Walkers

As well as walkers being available for adults, you can also find them for children at a size and weight that is easily manageable for a child to use.

Usually there are hand grips on the sides of the walker frame and depending on the type there may be an open front section with the cross rails behind the child, or on some the walker is mostly in front of the child, with the handles being about level with the back wheels and the child walks behind the walker.

They are usually height adjustable and can also be folded down so that they will fit quite easily into cars and other vehicles.

Most walkers for children are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Prices can range from around £350 up to around £800. There are also more advanced models available which can cost a lot more, depending on features that the walker provides. You can find a good range of paediatric walking frames here.

A walker provides the child with the chance to move around of their own will and promotes a feeling of being able to do it by themselves rather than having an adult so close by to assist.

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