Children’s Wheelchair Clothing And Weather Protection

Just as you can purchase warmers, capes and protection against the weather for adult wheelchair users, so too can you for child wheelchair users too.

Some capes and covers don’t have any sleeves to them so they, of course, are suited to when a child will be pushed in the wheelchair and not operating it themselves but there is also the type that does have sleeves for a child that will be using the wheelchair themselves or simply prefers to have their arms free rather than underneath the cover.

Whether a child needs the use of a warmer or just waterproof protection there are solutions to suit not just the type of weather but the child’s own choice of how they want to be covered and these products don’t cost that much, with some starting at around £15 for the type of covers that cover from the waist to the feet.

Most fit the child quite snug too so that the cover is not hanging down below their feet or at the sides of the wheelchair.

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