How To Use A Zimmer Frame

The first thing to remember when beginning to use a zimmer frame is that the frame is there to aid you, to assist you and should require absolute minimal effort from you.

A zimmer, or walking frame is purposely made to be lightweight so that you can move it forward or sideways without exertion.

If the frame is adjustable you should make sure that it is at the most suitable height for you and that you place your hands on the grip area of the frame, this area on a standard zimmer frame will usually be on the left and right side sections of the frame, having your hands placed in the correct area will help to prevent slip and provide you with a comfortable area to grip onto.

When using a zimmer frame outdoors it is important to keep to even ground as much as possible, sometimes paving stones can dip, although its impossible most times to know if one will, but also areas of streets can at times be uneven so when walking with the use of a zimmer frame and with the option to use a more even looking surface its best to stick to this.

With a standard zimmer frame (without wheels) where you pick up the zimmer frame and move it slightly forward its always safest not to attempt to move the frame too far forward that you may feel less stability, moving the frame forward just enough so that you can take your steps safely and without added effort is the best approach to use.

The main use of the zimmer frame is to provide you with balance and stability as you move around your home and as you walk outdoors.

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  2. Janet Renwick
    Janet Renwick at |

    Yes but this does not tell me how to carry anything or how to tackle stpes.


  3. Fred
    Fred at |

    Janet Renwick, the only thing you should be tackling is how to spell “steps” 😛

  4. Pamela
    Pamela at |

    Steps – there is no way you can use a zimmer frame on steps. the ideal is to have a different frame on each level of your house or have someone carry it for you.
    Steps can then be tackled with a stick in one hand and holding the bannister with the other. Remembering when moving up the stairs to place your good leg first and when moving down the stairs to lead with your bad leg – (good leg up to heaven bad leg down to hell!)

  5. Andy
    Andy at |

    I’ve just made a step adaptor so my dad can get in and out of his house. It’s a simple project that increases the step depth and reduces the height by introducing a half step. He was confined to the house but now he can out and about safely.

    There’s more info on the design here –


    NO DIAGRAM OR how to use with wheels

  7. nadine hardman
    nadine hardman at |

    ive got a mum who has got a zimmer frame which she is refusing to use to get up with and she is refusing to use it to walk with
    and its caused so many rows and ive now said that I don’t want anything to do with her

    and she wont believe me when I told her how to use the frame
    to walk with

    please can somebody help me to get what im saying to her is correct


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