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Are Zimmer Frames Safe

If you find yourself wondering if zimmer frames (walking frames) are safe then first you need to consider in what respect.

When referring to the overall safety of them as a walking aid then yes they are most definitely safe if a zimmer frame is found to be most suitable for the user and the particular disability.

How a zimmer frame is used can alter the safety of using one and like many other things, if a frame is used incorrectly then the safety level will be lowered somewhat.

Where they are used can make a difference to safety, for example you wouldn’t want to attempt a full flight of stairs with a zimmer frame but they can be used on shallow steps, the sort that you might find in gardens, leading into and out of homes and some other buildings, as long as there is enough of an area to place the feet of the zimmer frame.

Lastly, something that could affect the safety of using a zimmer frame is trying to hang something off of the frame, especially if its an addition that has not specifically been designed to be used with them.

There are accessories that can be used like zimmer frame net and apron bags and they are safe to add to your frame as long as they are specifically designed for this purpose and not some other type of bag.

Its importance to remember that the frame is there to help you, first and foremost, and not as a tool to move objects around.

You really don’t want unnecessary weight added to the frame if it means that getting around becomes less manageable and more of a challenge.

Zimmer frames are safe, if used correctly.

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