Why Some People Need To Use A Walking Frame

Although most people will understand that a walking frame is necessary for some people when moving around while on their feet because they have difficulties while doing this, it seems that some people may not know why individuals may specifically need to use one.

I see quite a few searches of people asking why people use walking/zimmer frames, and similar searches.

A user of a walking frame might still have good use of their legs but may have stability problems and could be prone to balance problens and falls, by using a frame they have something that provides stability and can greatly reduce the feeling for the person that they might lose their balance and fall.

Theres also the fact that should the user need to stop to rest, that they have something to hold onto and this is convenient for the user, theres also hardly any weight to most walking frames so they dont require you to exert yourself in order to use the walking frame, which would go against part of the need and reason to use one.

For some people, they may have a weakness in their legs or problems with their feet or even with their hips but can benefit from walking and the regular exercise and movement can be beneficial for some people, depending on their disability, their own personal choices and also what has been recommended to them.

Apart from aiding the person while they walk outdoors, a walking frame is perfectly suitable for indoor use, in someomes home, within a care home and within shops and other indoor areas.

It depends on the individual mobility needs of each person but generally a walking frame offers support for the user in a basic way, and they are generally kept simple and lightweight so that they dont require any effort that would potentially add to the persons mobility needs.

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