Had Enough Guidance On How To Use A Walking Frame?

I have noticed over the months that there can be quite a few searches of people looking for information on how to use a zimmer frame, although I have a post about that very topic and its possible that plenty of people would imagine a zimmer/walking frame to be an easy mobility aid to use, I wonder if maybe not enough guidance and advice is given to new users of frames.

Its understandable that the most basic and standard walking frames and even the ones with wheels on the front will not appear to most people as something that a user will need much training and guidance to learn how to use properly but even though they are some of the most basic looking mobility aids, it must be remembered that the user might have a variety of health issues that can affect balance and coordination and even strength challenges in various parts of their body that may affect their ability to get comfortable with and confident using the frame.

If you are a user of walking frames or have been in the past or maybe you have a friend or a relative that uses one, do you feel that you or they have been given enough advice and guidance on how to use it and have any other health issues that you or they live with been taken into account to ensure that yourself or others are assured about how to use the walking frame?

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