Zimmer Frame Net And Apron Bags

Naturally with a zimmer frame you’re not going to want to start adding anything to the frame that may make it unstable and dangerous to use but you can buy zimmer frame net bags and apron bags that have been specifically designed to be attached to a zimmer frame so that as you are moving around your home and even while using your zimmer frame outside you can carry a few items in the bag attached to your zimmer frame.

Now theres definately one issue with any extra weight added to a zimmer frame, they are designed to be lightweight and some individuals using a zimmer frame may have limited strength within their arms and upper body to manoeuvre the frame so any added weight could cause problems and more difficulty for the person using the frame.

That said, the net and apron bags available for a zimmer frame are specifically designed so that they are limited in what they can carry, but its also about the type of item that you place within the bag that could influence the weight and balance of the zimmer frame.

Zimmer frames are really quite safe and provide good stability and support for the user, as long as the frame does not become too heavy or weighted in a way that could cause an imbalance.

If you do attach a bag that has been specifically created for use with a zimmer frame its probably safest to limit the types of items that you may place into the bag, smaller leightweight items should be fine, for example spectacles, a book, magazine or newspaper, a mobile phone, basically items that will not add unnecessary weight to the frame.

And using a zimmer frame bag for moving around indoors where you are only going limited distances as opposed to using a bag attached to a zimmer frame while out shopping.

Bags that can be attaced to zimmer frames are welome and handy accessories, they just need to be made use of in the safest and best possible way, to ensure that they dont make your zimmer frame unstable and also that they dont add to the effort required by the user to lift the zimmer frame forward.

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