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Your Wants And Wishes From Mobility Products

Even with there being a large amount of mobility products available to aid the daily lives of individuals with disabilities there is always something else that can be introduced in order to improves peoples mobility and quality of life even more.

Nobody knows better what can be improved on an existing mobility product better than a disabled person, or at least a family member or professional carer who can appreciate how a mobility product can provide much needed assistance.

A product used and tested by real customers can lead to great feedback that can help inventers, designers and manufacturers further improve a product.

It can be difficult to get something completely right at first, or a mobility product may already be very good at what it does and loved by many people but if theres room for improvement (and there usually is) then its always worth looking into.

What do you feel could be improved with any existing mobility product, as a user of them yourself or as a carer, or just in general, please give your opinion.

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