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Wearing High Visibility Clothing While Using Mobility Scooters And Wheelchairs

With it being that time of year again with less daylight, more dangerous weather conditions and as we get closer to christmas some people speeding about like crazy on their quest to get everything sorted for the approaching festivities, it can be more important than ever to make yourself seen.

One of the best ways to do this, without having to spend very much is to purchase an item of high visibility clothing, fortunately the various high visibility clothing items available even come in childrens sizes and you dont necessarily need to go for the yellow colour most seen and worn by everything from builders to people making deliveries.

They can be found in pink, blue, green, red, orange and more colours and even in two tone variations.

There are vests and ones with short and full length arms, jackets, trousers, sweatshirts and bags.

Even if you dont fancy actually wearing any high visibility clothing, you could drape an item of it over the backrest of your mobility scooter or wheelchair or wherever else you choose and prefer to place it.

If it makes you seen and it keeps you safe then its at least worth considering, ideal if you have the type of mobility scooter than can be legally used on the roads, dont give the drivers an excuse to say that they couldn’t see you.

Stay Safe.

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