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Understanding A Warranty On Mobility Products

After recently reading a reply by contax to the types of mobility aids you use most i noticed something that he said regarding a 5 year warranty that was advertised by a company and how this covers 5 years on mechanism and 1 year on the upholstery and contax goes on to mention that they don’t bring your attention to the fact that the remote and the power supply is covered for 2 years only.

Naturally a lot of people making a purchase might see the mention of a 5 year warranty or even be told about it and might ask no further questions, expecting that every part of the mobility aid will be covered for the same amount of time.

This is just one example where someone might find out further down the line that they will have to spend more because the warranty does not cover every part that they expected and shows why its important to fully understand what it covers and if you’re not sure then you should definitely ask the company who you are planning to buy from about what is covered and for how long.

If certain parts are covered for less time then make sure that they explain it to you so that you are fully aware.

Its not unusual that specific parts of a mobility aid will have less warranty length as those parts will often be expected to see and experience more general wear and tear than other parts of the product.

Just as long as you know about this then it prevents any surprises about having to pay for a new part that’s no longer under the warranty and that you mistakenly thought was still covered.

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