Summer Update

Occassionally I like to get the message out there to the visitors of Mobility Right to remind you that I’m always open to suggestions for the site.

Last May I introduced the Questions and Answers section and its growing steadily, its really nice to see you helping each other out when you are able to offer the answer and advice regarding someone else’s questions.

Although the site was started in 2008, it doesn’t seem like its been that long already, how quickly time passes.

If you think that the site needs more of something then please don’t hesitate to send your thoughts by using the contact form and I will do what I can to improve it.

What do you personally think of the site? Do you find it useful? Would you recommend it to others who might also find it useful?

Let me know what you’re thinking either by commenting below or using the contact form,  and good or bad, if you are unhappy with anything and feel that the site could improve in some area then please do let me know.

Well i hope that you are enjoying the recent sunshine if you are able to, apparently its going to come to an abrupt end, no suprise there though, haha, but worth making the most of it when it is here.

Take care


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