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Speed Or Assistance From Mobility Aids

Getting straight to the point, certain mobility aids can enable you to get around quicker and can make a real difference to the amount of things that you can achieve each day but what im going to be looking at in this post is making sure that people are using mobility aids efficiently.

It has to be said that some people use for example mobility scooters recklessly, going way too fast when there are lots of people around, braking harder than necessary, not only is this dangerous but in the long term it will be more wearing on your mobility scooter.

Hitting bumps on the surfaces that you are riding over will be more damaging if you are moving quite fast, sometimes you see mobility scooters going by that are rattling and shaking and the rider is being rattled and shaken too, even sometimes a look of fear on their faces when all that has to be done is simply to slow down a little.

To get the primary benefit from a mobility scooter, ie assistance to get around while still getting the best from it over the long term, it is essential that you treat it like you would a car or even a human, if you purely focus on the pace of which you get around and are determined to complete your journey’s in the fastest time possible then after a while you wont really get the best experience from your mobility scooter.

As you grab hold of a walking stick, or get ready to use your mobility scooter, wheelchair, stairlift or any other mobility aid, think to yourself this is for assistance first, it is to aid me, its like a non human companion, it can speed up getting around, but that increased speed should mean an improvement on what would otherwise be a more difficult and time consuming process during your daily movement.

Getting the most from any mobility aid means using the aid in a way that it wont constantly need to be fixed or replaced, having your mobility aid serve its purpose in the best possible way, giving you the best assistance all of the time, not great assistance for the first few months and then it deteriorating soon after, and that will partly come down to how you use your mobility aids.

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