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Shopping Trolleys With Mobility Support

As a person needing various mobility aids throughout the day to assist them in living as normal of a life as possible, it requires that the needed support extends beyond the home and mobility scooters  and wheelchairs.

Shopping brings about its own challenges at times even for a non disabled person but for those that do require the use of mobility aids it can present the individual with extra challenges and standard shopping trolleys are just not designed ideally for some people.

Fortunately there are shopping trolleys designed to be more suited to a person with mobility needs, there are 4 wheeled trolleys that can provide support for the person as well as the trolley staying balanced on all 4 wheels.

Where you would pull a standard shopping trolley behind you, with the 4 wheeled ones you have the trolley in front of you and you walk behind it, they are usually lightweight and still able to carry a substantial amount of shopping.

They are usually slightly more shallow but because they are of a square shape and with the load being balanced better it provides safety and support for you.

There’s also the benefit that because you are moving the trolley forward by pushing it and not pulling it from behind it greatly reduces the risk of pulling on muscles or putting strain on your back.

And when you need to take a short rest you can do so, knowing that the trolley is balanced well and able to support you.

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