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Road And Pavement Quality For Mobility Aids

We all know how potholes can sometimes cause problems to motorists who find themselves either trying to drive around them or not seeing them on time and feel the brunt of it as the vehicle passes over it.

When it comes to mobility scooters and wheelchairs, you might often find that you have a better chance to spot a hole if your crossing the road or using the road in the case of using mobility scooters that can be legally used on the roads.

Some roads are very well maintained while others seem to be neglected for years, the same can apply to pavements, whether they are tarmac or paving slabs, there can be the problem of tree roots that literally raise the paving area up around them over time, sometimes quite severely to the point where its an accident waiting to happen.

The problem is that a deep enough pothole in the road or paving that is in very poor condition could cause damage to your mobility scooter or cause you a problem in a wheelchair.

While both mobility aids are built to take some vibration and jolts and general wear and tear, some might not handle neglected paving and roads especially if you are having to take your mobility scooter or wheelchair over these areas most days.

Avoiding them when possible is the main thing to do but of course thats not always possible.

How is the quality of the surfaces where you live? Do you find yourself needing to dodge potholes and looking out for pavement problems or do you find the general quality acceptable in your area?

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    Mobility aids can help regain much needed independence however, for scooters lifted payments and guttering can prove hazardous.


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