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Pushy Mobility Sales People

Recently there was a news report of a father and son who were caught for using pressure tactics in order to get customers to buy mobility products from them, they were specifically targetting elderly people too and it was a situation of pure explotation, they were making enough money from it to afford themselves fancy cars and more.

You can read more about the Father and son mobility scooter conmen jailed

The majority of mobility aid dealers are very decent and offer advice and sell products that are most suited to a persons needs but unfortunately there are those like the father and son team who are out to take advantage of vulnerable people and seem to have no concern about anyone else but themselves.

Fortunately trading standards officers moved in on these two and put a stop to it but of course not before a number of people had becomes victims of these two men.

If you read the full article you will find that this is not the only mobility company that are trading in an unethical way and although this type of situation is not exclusive of mobility aid dealers it is quite sad that there are firms out there that are willing to take advantage of people who are often already in a difficult situation.

There are many types of businesses where pushy sales people will do everything they can to try and make a sale, they become almost like predators, from cold calling, to using pressure tactics once they have a conversation going and of course in some situations not even delivering products that have been paid for.

While its normal within business for a company to work hard at securing business and for sales people to work hard at getting a sale (theres nothing wrong with that) the difference between the ethical and unethical companies and people within them is that the ethical ones will then follow through professionally to ensure that the customer is treated appropriately, receives the product and quality of service that they paid for and is not sold something that they dont need or dont want in the first place.

The unethical ones, well we know what they are like, profits come first for them, unfortunately the customer to them is most likely not seen as a customer but a target which they will focus on with precision until they have got their hands on the persons money.

Always be on your guard to companies that phone you out of the blue, dont agree to unwanted appointments at your own home, when possible you should find out what you can about them and try and record as much details about them as you can.

Family and friends should be aware of this danger too and be alert to any unexpected calls, visits or funds taken from relatives or friends bank accounts.

While people like the father and son mentioned will exist in other parts of the country, a constant battle against this type of thing will not eradicate it but minimise the amount of people that get taken advantage of by these types of firms.

Fortunately trading standards do have the power to go in and make a difference and the fact that these two men were jailed goes to show that it gets taken seriously enough when people like them get caught.

Be aware as a user and buyer of mobility aids, and for those close to people with mobility needs you can keep an eye out for anything that seems not quite right, and dont hesitate to contact trading standards when a mobility aid firm is breaking the law.

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