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Pre-Owned Mobility Ramps

As some mobility aids are only needed temporarily by people, so too are the accessories that are sometimes purchased during that time.

With many users of mobility scooters and wheelchairs needing temporary use of ramps for access to their homes and other properties, it leaves them with a ramp that after a while they no longer have a use for and in many cases the ramp will be in very good condition and will have hardly seen much use.

Whether you will only need the use of some mobility aids for a short time yourself or will be a long term user, it makes sense to try and save money where you can.

If you can get your hands on a nearly new mobility ramp for your wheelchair or mobility scooter either from buying one privately from someone that has advertised theirs or from a mobility aid retailer it will save you a bit of cash and in most cases you will be getting a good quality product that should serve you well.

If you find one privately, make sure that you inspect it first, have the current owner or yourself fully extend the ramp, make sure its in good condition and test it to make sure that it wont be dangerous to use if its beginning to show some wear and tear.

Its worth noting that if you will need a long term solution at your own property for example then its best to go for a permanent ramp, but buying a used ramp to tide you over until you have a permanent ramp in place can work out nicely.

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