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Physical Disabilities On The Increase?

elderly-lady-being-helpedIn the UK over the last decade or so, it may have become more noticeable the amount of people with physical disabilities and seeing people using various mobility aids and as people begin to realise this more it can appear as if physical disabilities within the UK population is on the increase.

There are a few things to take into account though, none correcting the other on whether there is an actual increase or not but a way to look at why we might see evidence of more people with mobility needs in these current times.

Advances In Technology

Over the years, technology continues to advance in almost all areas of peoples lives and the business of mobility is no exception, with more and more focus continually going towards how current products can be improved as well as working towards brand new products that will benefit users even more.

Many aids available for people with mobility needs are not just about providing assistance and making situations more manageable but are also about comfort, even style, and funds permitting of course, an individual can concern themselves with looking good if they choose to fork out for a top of the range mobility scooter or automatic wheelchair.

It seems it is no longer about just having to do with what was out there but now having real choice and people feeling and knowing that plenty of thought has gone and is going into the design and manufacturing of mobility aids and this results in people wanting to make the most of the technology available to them.

Making the most of the available mobility aids means that people that years ago might otherwise have lived a more restricted life, now see more reason and have the means to embrace what is out there.

Increased Life Expectancy

Theres also the fact that as a few more generations of people happen, that the life expectancy increases for each new generation and where a few hundred years ago you might have been considered as lucky if you got through your teens and lived to somewhere in your thirties or fourties, it is much more common now for the average life expectancy to be around twice that age.

And as the older generations know and the younger generations will find out one day, is that with age comes health issues and disabilities and everyday things that were hardly a concern in a persons earlier years become challenges.

Better General Awareness

With britain being a very politically correct country (even though sometimes bordering on the sheer silly) a lot of change has come about over the years, good positive changes that address matters that needed to be addressed and from the government, to large and small businesses to individuals, there is an understanding to do things the “right way” wherever possible.

This doesn’t always happen but fortunately most of the time it does.

Buildings are designed with people with disabilities in mind, public services and conveniences are well thought out and cater for all, so that able bodied and people with various disabilities can access and enjoy the same facilities.

Where there may have been a severe lack in the past of what can be seen these days as essentials, it allows and encourages those with disabilities to make use of what is available to them.

More Knowledge Within The Medical Profession

As doctors, scientists and research teams around the world begin to understand some conditions and diseases better with the decades of combined study and in some matters hundreds of years of gathered information on causes and treatments of some disabilities, it means that everything from pain management to surgery can advance.

And although some sufferers may not be free of their disability it is often the case that their lives can be improved and mobility becomes much more of a reality for some people that might otherwise have had much less choice and ability to get out and about.

There are other factors to take into account, you may have some thoughts on this yourself.

Looking at some of the above it can show us how a number of differences in peoples lives now compared to how things were a few decades ago and even a few hundred years ago can change the way things appear within our society.

Is there really an increase in physical disabilities or are the changes that we see, down to the fact that conditions and diseases are often better understood now?

By greater effort being put into a better quality of life for those with disabilities, both at home and outside it may just be that society is doing a better job now of making life more manageable and accessible for those with a disability.

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