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Pain And Anxiety And Its Effect On Mobility

With there being various physical disabilities, from those as a result of accidents and injuries to others that are a result of conditions and diseases, there can also be differences in the severity of pain that any individual may experience with their disability, if they are likely to experience pain.

Many people learn to cope with the pain that they will experience, whether its constant pain throughout the day or pain that increases at times, although unpleasant, many people will get used to the fact that its either there most of the time or that it will be experienced more while moving or at certain times for certain reasons.

Everyone can get anxious at times, about a whole number of things in life, from money worries to family concerns and everything in between, but when you are living with a disability and also pain that comes with it, that fear of pain and the anxiety that can seem to be permanently there for some people can almost be as bad as the pain itself.

The thoughts, once there can plague and trouble a person, you may know that to move a certain way will mean some pain experienced, or that something that will need to be done soon will also result in pain and this can make you extremely anxious as you begin to fear those movements, you begin to get worried about areas of your mobility, you want to be mobile but the fear of pain can sometimes lead to you avoiding the mobility that you want and like, to try and avoid some of the pain.

Unfortunately this eventually only makes matters worse, because you might reach a stage where you restrict your mobility so much to the point that the situation begins to get out of hand.

The anxiety builds even more when this happens, your mobility becomes severely restricted through your own choice of avoidance and it will often lead to further discomfort and more problems which then becomes a vicious cycle which you may find hard to get out of once you get to that point.

This doesn’t mean that the fear of experiencing that pain is an overreaction, after all, the pain is very real and its natural that when you know what is going to happen that you become worried by it.

There needs to be an element of control by yourself, even though you know that some of the pain cant be avoided, which can be a depressing thought at first, you still know that your mobility is important and that to lessen the amount of mobility that you have, in order to reduce some of the pain that can be experienced is not ideal.

Although lowering your anxiety of expected pain is not easy, its never a good idea to simply have less mobility in order to reduce any chance of pain because ultimately it ends up adding to the whole situation in a negative way.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    I am 63 with several health problems limiting my mobility and while ill in bed 3 months ago my wife just wandered off with the dog which was a great companion to me, police found her but made no contact, she had mental health problems and learning difficulties and has done it in the past. it’s nice to read your article showing someone understands as it’s hard to cope alone, I hope it gets easier with time but depression is the worst part, it’s not until you are hit by it that you start to realise.
    Best wishes to all in a similar possition.


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