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Mobilityright Is Two Years Old Today

Time has very much flown by, at least for me as it doesn’t seem that long ago since I started Mobilityright and here it is two years old already.

I’m pleased with the progress of the site and i hope that you are too as the visitors and contributors with your comments.

In mid may of this year I added the Questions and Answers category and its building up gradually with some interesting questions and i hope that more people can share their knowledge with helping to answer the questions there.

With the website being for a UK audience it keeps things tightly focused and as the availability of mobility products continues to increase throughout the country and the use of mobility products increases too, there will be continued interest from people seeking information and advice on all matters of mobility.

Whether you are a fairly new visitor to the site or have been visiting it since the early days, I hope that you continue to enjoy it and I will carry on adding useful information so that the site can continue to be a resource of info, guidance and advice, as well as answering questions related to mobility aids.

Here’s to the future of Mobilityright 🙂

Thank you


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