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Mobility During The January 2010 Cold Snap

As much of the UK has experienced at least some snow, with some parts in particular being exposed to heavier falls recently it has affected various areas of peoples daily lives.

Although we should be used to coping with the various weather conditions that our climate throws at us, it appears that the majority of the time we are not.

We know each year that extremes happen, from heatwaves during the summer, and heavier falls of rain than expected to snow and icy conditions with freezing temperatures.

Its like each year we forget or ignore how it was last year or within the last few years and were seemingly caught off guard each time.

While for some people its not a good idea to venture out if its not totally necessary, it is still important to stay mobile at least within your home if you’re able to.

While you may have your home adequately heated and might not have to worry about how you will pay the heating bill, if you are used to being mobile and have had to stay indoors more over the last week or so then any effort to still get exercise within your home, getting the blood circulating well and keeping yourself generally as active as you normally are will be beneficial for you when you are able to get outdoors again soon.

Sometimes if your body is out of its normal routine of activity for a week or more then it can make some people feel a little unsteady, the muscles can feel a bit weaker if they have not been used as they normally would and might make a person feel a little unsure when they venture outdoors again.

By keeping those muscles moving and working you can prevent yourself from experiencing any unsteadiness when you are able to go outside more again when the majority of the snow and ice has cleared.

Stay warm during this cold weather, stay safe and stay as mobile as you normally would, even if it is mostly indoors for the time being.

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