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Mobility Annoyances Of Public Places

While having mobility needs can create enough extra work for you as it is in order to go about your daily business and life, it can be made more difficult when other members of the public do those sometimes small but annoying things that can add to any difficulties that you already have.

A classic example is the well known issue of people parking in a disabled parking area, it seems at times that no matter how hard the message is put across, that some people will continue to ignore the obvious and drive right on up and straight into a spot reserved for disabled drivers and passengers.

Then theres the issue of disabled toilets being occupied by people not needing the extra space and facilities provided within them, its different if the regular gents/ladies are out of use and theres a notice nearby that is informing people that its ok to use the disabled toilets for the time being.

You sometimes might come across a situation like that within places like supermarkets, obviously only a temporary solution until the other toilets are in working order again, but as soon as they are then people should definately again be acknowledging that the disabled toilets are not there for impatient, non disabled users.

Talking of supermarkets, while its quite common that an individual in a wheelchair or a mobility scooter mght be accompanied by someone during their shopping trip, theres still many an occurrence where items on the shelves are so out of reach, that even if you want to deal with some of it yourself, you are faced with the frustration of possibly avoiding a few purchases because it might feel like more of a hassle than its worth.

This isn’t always the case and some supermarkets and other shops might go out of their way to provide as much assistance to you as possible, but its not always guaranteed and can even depend on how each store is run and the individual employees working there.

Sometimes entrances and exit areas can become obstructed, often people may look and think to themselves that theres enough space for people walking in and out, which of course will be the case and they simply forget that they might have completely blocked off access for a person with mobility needs.

With this kind of matter its often quite innocent thinking and simply that people dont always think about how something placed somewhere can create an obstacle that is more of a problem for one person than it is for another.

Likewise, its always appreciated for even a disabled individual themselves to make sure that if they leave a mobility scooter or a wheelchair near an entrance and exit that they leave it in a place that does not cause a significant obstruction to any other members of the public.

There are of course many other instances when you can find yourself annoyed at the actions or disregard of others that results in more difficulty for yourself.

Maybe you have a few particular situations and actions of others that annoy you when out in public places regarding mobility, do feel free to share them here.

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