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Mobility And Your General Fitness

When people hear the words mobility or disability mentioned they might instantly think of an individual with health problems, possibly less of an expectation that the disabled person might be of general good health and fitness.

After all, there can be many reasons why someone needs to use a walking aid or a wheelchair or a mobility scooter or need extra support around their home.

You dont have to be without mobility needs to be referred to or to refer to yourself as generally fit.

Some people with mobility needs will actually go out of their way to increase the amount of physical activities that they do and often have a keen interest in improving their fitness and looking after their own health.

This isn’t always possible, even for the most willing and determined of people but even if you have a disability that creates more restriction than others experience  and challenges you regularly with the added issue of controlling pain, you possibly find that you are still aware of the importance of looking after your general health and fitness.

If anything, the fact that you have mobility needs can mean that you put more time, effort and thought into your own well-being as you understand the importance of doing so and also the benefits gained from your own effort.

Remind yourself daily of the importance of  looking after your overall general fitness.

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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    Hi All

    If they made a set pedals that turned a small generator to charge batteries on my notebook and stopped me being able to plug into the mains it may help my arthritis and poor circulation as I bet I could not survive without the internet and email. Where we often give into some of our disabilities people years ago had no choice but to struggle on, makes me think sometimes that the good old days really were the good old days in many ways.


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