Mobility Aids For Children

As mobility aids have continued to be improved over the years they have also been adapted well to suit specific age ranges and notably children.

With products like Paediatric Powered Wheelchairs, Manual Wheelchairs, Pushchairs and Buggies and also Standing Frames to help provide mobilty and of a very high quality to children.

There are also the manual types of products that you would see available for an adult, but in childrens sizes too, so you can find junior crutches and walkers suitable and easy enough for a child to use.

Plenty of other products are available too like specialist moving and handling equipment that are comfortable but provide safety and assistance when handling within certain environments.

There are also toileting and bathing aids, so a whole rangle of assisting and suitable products can be purchased for disabled children to help in the various areas of their day to day activities and the products are always designed with children in mind so that they are as helpful to the child needing the use of the products and also to the carer looking after the child.

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