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Mobility Abroad As Good As You Expect?

Here in the UK there is regular improvement and effort being put into mobility to continue to raise the standards for people with mobility needs and to make as much as possible become accessible.

When you get used to a certain standard it can become an expectation that you will see the same standards elsewhere, but expectations and what happens to actually be in place and accessible to you can differ greatly.

We all know that travelling abroad usually means a difference to what were used to, after all, one of the reasons for going abroad is to get a break from the old routine and the familiarity of where you live.

But for those with mobility needs, you rely on certain things being in place, certain needs that you are not so much demanding but rather understanding that these things help you get by, they help you get in and out of buildings, they make the inaccessible to disabled individuals actually accessible.

Foreign countries have different laws, different architecture and quite often a completely different way of doing things and this can make a significant difference to you if you have mobility needs.

Before travelling and wherever possible, you will most likely ask a number of questions anyway, to make sure that your choice of accommodation is suitable and to allow you to make arrangements but its not unheard of for travellers to experience something a bit different from what is promised to them once they have reached their destination.

When you have travelled abroad, whether for a holiday, business or for any other reason, have you found accessibility where you expected it to be and overall was it as you wanted?

Maybe you were let down or maybe it exceeded all of your expectations,  do share your experiences and comment below.

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