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Leisure Centres And Accessibility

If you are someone who although having mobility needs, has to or chooses to attend your local leisure centre, how do you feel regarding their accessibility for people with disabilities?

Apart from the obvious expectations that people have about accessibility to public places like ramps etc.

As some leisure centres and gyms may be much newer than others, it can vary on how well the layout of a building was planned to accommodate people with mobility needs.

For those of you that do make use of the facilities at your local leisure centre, do you feel that you can access everything that you want to access easily enough or do you feel that improvements could be made?

Maybe the leisure centre facilities in your area are hardly accommodating of your disabilities at all.

Some gymnasiums can have plenty of variation and a wide range of machines and weights in place but the floor layout may be less than ideal for an individual needing assistance as they move around the gym.

It’s important that all people that want to use what is on offer are able to, no matter how small the numbers may be.

Feel free to share your experiences and opinions below.

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