How To Increase Your Chances Of Finding Answers To Your Mobility Aid Questions

I have noticed that some searches that people make within the search engines when looking for answers to their mobility scooter problems can be very general and this might decrease the chance of you finding an answer to your problem.

Some examples of the searches that I have seen include:

Why has my mobility scooter stopped working?

Mobility scooter not moving

Why does my mobility scooter not work?

Quite often a search like this will make it more difficult to find an answer to the problem that you are experiencing because it is too general and doesn’t mention anything about the make and model of the mobility scooter that you are having a problem with.

I receive questions through the contact form about specific mobility scooters, if i am unable to provide an answer then i can publish the question in the questions and answers category on this very site, and the questions can be about other mobility aids too, adjustable beds, stairlifts etc.

There is no guarantee of an answer being provided by others but it helps to get it posted on the site as it increases you chances of receiving a suitable and helpful answer to your problem.

If you do have a problem with a mobility aid then it helps to provide as much information as you can about the make and model of the product that you own and also about the actual problem that you are experiencing with your mobility aid, including when it happens and things like that.

If you are performing a search then naturally what you type into a search engine might include a handful of words, but if you are contacting me with a question then providing plenty of information will help in trying to provide you with the answer, especially if I publish it on the site.

Once a question is published on the site, and even better when it gets answered it can benefit many people in the future that might find themselves looking for an answer to the same problem at some point.

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