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How Is Mobility In London?

Throughout the UK I imagine that what various people experience with regards to mobility and how easy, difficult, accessible or not things are, like retailers and public services can differ quite a bit.

Seen as London is the capital, I thought it may be a good place to start talking about how a person with disabilities finds living in London or on the outskirts of the city and with their individual mobility needs.

I will cover other cities and towns in future posts, so if you would like to see any discussion regarding mobility and where you live, please do suggest by commenting or sending a quick message through the contact form.

Also this doesn’t only have to be about those living in and around London, you may have visited the city and experienced what it was like to stay in the city as a tourist, how was the accommodation for you if you stayed in a hotel or other accommodation? Maybe travelling created a few challenges or maybe it was a surprising and pleasant experience.

Coming back to those who live in or around the city of London, do you find there are enough retailers of mobility products within a reasonable distance of where you live? Maybe you have recommendations of one or more retailers in your area, if you have experienced a really great service or maybe had disappointments do feel free to let others know.

Do you find shops, public areas and pavements and roads accessible and up to standard so that you are not faced with added difficulties on top of your mobility needs or do you feel that they could be improved in your area?

Please give your input and comment below, remember that this is regarding London and around the outskirts of the city but we can and will discuss other parts of the UK soon too.

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