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How Have You Seen Mobility Aids Improve As A User?

As technology improves over the years and designers of products get a better understanding of what people want and need it means that products get closer each time to what people are looking for.

The mobility market has seen great improvement over the years with better designs and more new products that make a difference to the daily living of individuals with disabilities.

Of importance is the fact that a wide selection caters for different ages, body sizes and people that may have more than one mobility issue to deal with, many mobility aids are about giving the user as much independence as possible and assist in allowing the user to do what they want to, with as much comfort and as little challenge as possible.

No matter how much new information the designers and manufacturers can gather about mobility products it’s the users of the products themselves that really have the best understanding as they use them often enough to know and understand how various aids can be improved and redesigned to make them even better.

A question to the consumers of mobility aids is, how have you found mobility aids improving for you during your time using them? If you’re a long term user of mobility aids, what has been the most significant improvement that you have seen and experienced?

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