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Helping MobilityRight Grow

Since Mobilityright was started in September 2008 its gradually had content added to it and has become useful and liked by its visitors (yourselves) and I continue to add to it with new posts.

As from the start, im always open to peoples thoughts, opinions and suggestions of anything that they would like to see here.

More recently I added the Questions and Answers category and I have started to add questions there as they come in and its good to see any attempt by others to answer the questions and helping out the community.

If there is anything in particular that you would like to see here at the site then please feel free to let me know, you can reply to this thread by using the comments feature or if you prefer, you can send me a message through the contact form

Yourselves are what make this site great and your comments to the posts and opinions are very helpful in constantly improving the site to make sure that is useful for all who visit it.



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  1. Contax
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    Hi All, I am at moment suffering a very sever attack of osteoarthritis/gout in my left leg, can’t rest in rise recliner as pressure on calf killing me, can’t move or lift my leg off floor, using a dog lead & collar to hook under foot to lift it. I just found a proper Leg Lifter on eBay with 2 handles, foot loop and main stem stiffened with wire insert making it easy to use, £6.97 inc. P&P, it arrived today,(34″ long NOT 89″ as in their description) it’s fantastic in use and in value, I have just ordered another. Thought I would share info with other who suffer from similar problem.
    Two Handled Leg Lifter – Aid For Hip Injury *CHEAPEST*
    Item Number 300378383356
    eBay Seller ID: 2udirectly.
    I have found it at twice the price excluding VAT from a disabilty dealer also on eBay.

    I also used a loop round my hip just above knee to help me raise foot a little, sometimes a dog collar or several 25mm wide velcro cable straps, I noticed a manufactured one on eBay £41.99, how can they rip off disabled/sick people so.
    I am going to ask a maker of dog collar/harness/leads if he can make me one to try, he has made me 2 bespoke long leads and a collar for our dog, great quality and very low prices, I will report how I go on.


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