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Although we live in a society where its not unheard of for people with disabilities to suffer verbal and even physical abuse when outdoors, its reassuring that there are many people who are happy to assist and respect others.

When it comes to receiving help from a member of the public, especially when you haven’t requested it there can be times when although a person means well you might simply not want assistance from them.

Plenty of people with mobility needs still prefer to do as much as they can themselves, for some it might be pride, determination, a desire to be as active as possible, to be as independant as you can.

Some people dont like too much fussing, maybe you dont want too much attention brought to yourself, theres the possibility of someone going too far, i dont believe that a person can be too kind or too polite but maybe go futher than most people would expect, or be comfortable with, especially as the other person will often be a complete stranger.

How do you feel about random help from members of the public? Whether its holding a door for you or something else.

Do you get asked if you would like assistance with something first or at times has someone gone straight ahead and attempted to help you without first checking with you?

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  1. Ted Brett
    Ted Brett at |

    I am new to this disablement thing and while in hospital Idid let my mind stray to how I could deal with the way the general public dealt with me.I have been, so far, very pleasantly treated with deference and respect. It was especialy surprising to find that, that section of society I least expected help from was as forthcoming as any. SO MUCH FOR MY UNDESERVED BIAS AGAINST THE YOUNG PEOPLE OF THIS CITY OF PETERBOROUGH.
    I was almost always asked if I would like help before it was either given witheld as I wished. I made a point of thanking people for offering.


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