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Happy Christmas From Mobilityright

Although the snow has been causing problems for some people this year here in the UK I still think that the fact that its going to be a white Christmas is quite nice as I cant remember the last time it was a white Christmas.

Yet again we are nearing the end of another year so I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and I hope that you all have a fantastic time during the holiday period.

It’s been great throughout the year to see more people visiting the blog and to read others opinions and advice and I look forward to taking the blog through into 2011 and I hope that you continue to find it a useful resource for mobility related information.

Happy christmas from myself, enjoy yourselves, i hope that you dont experience too many travel related problems and stay safe during this time, look out for each other and take care.


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  1. Contax
    Contax at |

    Merry Christmas to you also John, it’s allways nice to read what you have to say on the site. Thanks for your efforts in making this site available to us, Hope you have a great new year and able to keep the site going it’s greatly appreciated.
    Happy Christmas to all the rest of you out there.



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