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Future Mobility Difficulties, Finances And Preparation

After reading a reply to the article that I posted yesterday about a guy who was ordered to remove his mobility scooter shelter I was thinking this morning about what was said in the reply by Contax and Contax himself has mentioned how what he has is through years of working and also how he is considerate and conscious of safety too with regards to mobility around his property.

It was also mentioned that the guy who had to remove his shelter may have been expecting more than is reasonable and I can see this myself from reading through the article again, that although each persons situation is different, there needs to be a line drawn somewhere with regards to how much a person with mobility needs has a right to, and that neighbours, safety and the public in general are all taken into consideration.

On top of this, there is the thought of finances and as throughout life people are expected to prepare for the future, for retirement but also unforeseen difficulties, as nobody knows what may happen to them during their life, no matter what age or lifestyle.

Understandably, people earn different amounts in their jobs compared to others and some may find themselves in a better position to invest, build up savings and have suitable insurance, while other people may not, or simply that they might put it off then find themselves with a more difficult situation if something does happen in the future.

Because many people are living longer and with age comes mobility problems for plenty of people, it can feel like a person not only has the mobility difficulties to contend with but the financial outlay if they cannot get assistance with some purchases of the mobility aids that they need.

Also nobody knows what the future holds and what the government may or may not be willing to assist with in the future and the expectation for generations to come could be more about self financing any mobility aids and property alterations that they need.

It’s never a bad idea to be prepared for the future financially, nobody wants to picture themselves depending on mobility aids and if they cant afford to purchase them then having to go through the process in order to get what they need, but it’s always a possibility.

Therefore it might be a good idea to encourage people to prepare for any mobility difficulties that may arise in the future, even if it’s just a case of putting away a few thousand pounds gradually over the years that is there and can be used if the person does in fact need to then pay for mobility aids at sometime in their life.

It’s fantastic that generations of people are living longer and around long enough to appreciate seeing and experiencing grandchildren and even great grandchildren but the later years also bring the mobility challenges to, which in turn puts a strain on some peoples finances more than others.

So maybe financial preparation for mobility later in life is something that needs extra thought, planning and actually being dealt with when individuals are still young and able to prepare for it.

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