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Exit Cars With A Swivel Cushion

Sometimes you just need a simple aid to help you move easily enough when getting out of cars and other vehicles, twisting may bring challenges for you and anything that makes it easier without requiring major modifications to a vehicle is good.

A car swivel cushion can be placed on the seat for any passenger and for the driver too who may have difficulties getting in and out of a car, even for someone with a temporary injury it can make entering and exiting the car a lot easier and lessen any chance of twisting that could cause discomfort.

The swivel cushion can be removed when not needed so theres no concern of it getting in the way when there are passengers in the car who do not require its use.

They are made to be comfortable too and not leave you feeling like you are positioned awkwardly.

A decent quality swivel cushion can be purchased for about £15.

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